So you had a few drinks and showed up for your basketball game wearing bedroom slippers. You even managed to score a couple of points. Not bad considering… The problem of course is that you’ll never really know how well you could’ve played had you prepared for the big game properly.

It may not be as obvious, but just as with basketball, preparation is key if you want to get the most from a telephone psychic reading! Of course, the following advice applies regardless of the medium (pun intended) that you choose to receive your reading.

Mellow out, chill, relax, or to quote one of my 13yr old daughter’s favorite compound words, “chill-ax”. Don’t take it too far though, no booze or drugs before your telephone psychic reading.

Remember, the strength of the connection between yourself and your psychic is everything.  In order to establish the clearest connection possible, you must be settled and calm.  Before your reading, the psychic should spend some time getting to know you and help you to feel at ease. Again, your sincere and honest effort will help to ensure success.

Maybe you already have a routine to settle yourself before the psychic reading. If not, I’d like to recommend a quick self hypnosis session. It only takes a few minutes, is simple, and becomes easier each time you do it.

1. Find a quiet place where you can “chill-ax”, somewhere that you won’t be disturbed.

2. Shut off your phone and any other potential distractions.

3. Dim the lights if you can.

4. Close your eyes and take 5 or 6 deep breaths that you hold in for a couple of seconds before exhaling.

5. Imagine that you are going down a flight of 10 stairs. At the bottom of the staircase is a huge comfy pillow that you can jump onto. Now imagine that each stair that you go down causes you to relax twice as much as the one before. Take your time and visualize each step, and when you finally get to jump from the last step onto the pillow, picture yourself completely relaxed in/on the pillow.

6. Stay on your pillow for a while, and imagine a tap like the one that you hook your garden hose to. OK, here’s the catch…There are 4 taps.  One on each hand, and one on each of your big toes. Imagine turning the taps on and over the course of a minute or two, starting from the top of your head and slowly moving down, just imagine all of the stresses and pains draining out the tap.

7. By this point, you’ll probably be surprised at how physically heavy and relaxed you feel. Now you can get off of your imaginary pillow and slowly head back up the stairs, getting more awake as you go up. On the way up the stairs, remind yourself that when you get to the top, you’ll open your eyes and feel renewed, invigorated, and have your head cleared to benefit most from your telephone psychic reading.

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